Project 52: Week 02

Week two proved to be a much harder challenge compared to week one - mainly thanks to the blistering cold weather that forced me to hibernate most of the week.

I came by the below shot at the 11th hour, while struggling to find inspiration. I had a bunch of "ok" shots, but nothing that spoke to me. This grainy, blurry pic of a statue of a child in the lobby of the new RBC builing near the waterfront hit the spot. 

In gear news, shooting with the E-PM1 + 15mm body cap combo is getting better, but still a royal pain. Most times I find a great shot, turn the camera on (wait for what feels like a century), point, focus, and shoot - only to find out later on that it was out of focus. 

On the plus side, I discovered I can actually adjust focus on the body cap lens, meaning I can focus in between infinity and 0.3m. I also figured out a way to assign the magnify function to the video record button. Why Olympus would put that button there is beyond comprehension, but at least it helps tremendously in avoiding misfocused shots when reconfigured.

On to week three...