Project 52: Week 49

For the few weeks that I have left in this project, I wanted to try my hand on some stuff that I usually never do. Long exposure, day or night, is something I NEVER do, mainly because I'm just too lazy to carry a tripod. It's the polar opposite of street photography. It requires patience, trial and error, and visualizing the final photo in your head in a very specific way, unlike the quick shoot-and-run that is street.

If anything, this project is forcing me to try things that I would have never even considered in the past. This is definitely not the best long exposure that I could have taken, but I know now what to do next time to make it better.

It really helps to have a light, compact tripod. Carrying a big chunk of metal in a cold December night is a bit less painful when you can tuck it in your messenger bag.

The Olympus camera rig however...

It really produces some very sharp images (at least in the centre), but it is really a pain to use. Shooting long exposure means shooting in manual mode almost exclusively, and changing even simple settings requires too many button presses. The low-light capabilities of the old sensor is particularly not good with the dark skies. However, it's tiny and light, always a plus when it comes to portability.