Project 52: Week 51

Here we go, one more week left, and other shot at trying something I rarely do: Product photography. With the help of one of my wife's trusty troll dolls, a homemade lightbox, and the flashlight from my ol' iPhone 5 as the main light source, I've put the lowly E-PM1 to test for a quick and dirty macro studio session.

I'm not a happy camper. It's not bad, but the amount of Lightroom/Photoshop work needed was more than I can usually bare for this kind of for-shits-and-giggle project. The 5 year old sensor on the E-PM1 is shit. Shadow recovery? Next to none. Dynamic range? Forget it. But the real culprit is the lens. I think if I had a slightly better piece of glass in front of the Olympus, this would be a fair contest. But the constant f8 toy lens is seriously just that - a toy.