Project 52: Week 18

Full Disclaimer: This is not the picture I intended to take. I just pointed the camera to the big cherry tree in the background, when the glamour lady walked in to the frame.

One of the few benefits of the crappy 15mm body cap lens is that you set it to infinity, point, and shoot. The f8 aperture ensure most things in the frame are (relatively) sharp at a safe distance - about 1.5~2 meters.

On a side note, every year I tell myself I won't be back to see the cherry blossoms at High Park, and every year I still come back. It's just too crowded, and there are only a limited amount of pics you can take before they all start looking the same...but it is really a good photo op (both for the cherry and the people), especially on a warm spring day like it was last Saturday. We don't get many of those in Toronto, so might as well make the most of them.