Project 52: Week 22

Summer in Toronto wouldn't be the same without its many, many street festival. They are not only an excuse to stuff your face with more than food and drinks than you should be consmuing - they are also a great opportunity for street photography. 

At the Dundas Street Featival (where this week's pic was taken), I saw many photographers lugging they're massive Canon and Nikon DSLR's, with equally massive lenses, surely costing upwards several thousand dollars. I'm more and more impressed on how small and unobtrusive my little cheap-o Olympus E-Pm1 setup is, and how it never lets me miss a shot, all for less than 200 bucks. So much, that it's been my main shooter the whole weekend, and it would still be even if I wasn't doing this project. 

Simplicity is the key in street photography, and a camera so simple that doesn't even give you the option to waste time in zooming in or out, select aperture, focus, etc is the best camera to have. Just compose, point, and shoot.