Project 52: Week 29

When I first started this project back in January, I anticipated winter being my worst enemy. Toronto's chilly temperatures during the cold months are usually not good motivators to get you out and shoot. Turns out summer is actually just as bad. The insane number of events and gigs are forcing me to use my "real" cameras, and my cheap Olympus hasn't seen much action lately.

Fortunately, Kensington market never lets me down, so this week's pic is the iconic sign from this beloved Toronto neighbourhood. It's somewhat hidden, and the top level of the parking lot building in the heart of the market, so many visitors miss it, including locals. 

It's no secret that Kensington market is my favourite hood in the city, hands down. Nowhere in Toronto can't you get a mix of cultures, characters, amazing (and cheap!) food, with a genuinely down-to-earth vibe, with little to no gentrification. Let's hope it stays that way.