Project 52: Week 14

Today was the first time since November last year that Torontonians were able to enjoy a nice, warm, sunny day.

I would normally venture to my favourite parts of the city, like Kensington Market or the Waterfront, but my wife had the brilliant idea of hiking through the beltline that runs along the DVP. This trail can take you from downtown, all the way up to St. Clair and it's a nice respite from the concrete, just a short walk from Yonge & Bloor.

Of course it lead to some awesome shutter therapy opportunities, and the pic of the week is of a rusty but still functional rail bridge, full of graffitis and empty beer cans. I have a feeling that this is were high school kids go drinking, smoking, and do other questionable activities on hot summer nights...

I also took my Yashica D with me, so shots from that camera will be posted soon, whenever I finish the roll. Which could be next winter, as the current pace (*sigh*)